The Darryl Nantais Gallery

Artist's Biography

Karen Adams


When I left college at the age of eighteen, I did not begin my working life as a contemporary artist; although I realise now that I should have done. Instead, having trained as a graphic designer, I spent the next few years with a variety of graphic studios, each with its own particular way of working and restrictive atmosphere, so it came as no real surprise to those who knew me well that I became dissatisfied with the direction that my career seemed to be taking.

It was some years later, when I was in my mid-thirties to be exact, that I decided the time had come to turn my dreams into reality and I enrolled with The Regent Academy of Fine Arts in London where I qualified, first of all, in Interior Design, and then in Decorative Paint Techniques. The combined knowledge and experience gained from these courses provided the inspiration to explore a new concept in contemporary painting which has since become recognised as my signature style. I have successfully competed in various events, winning the Abstract or Experimental Art award at the SAA’s International Competition and the following year I was enormously proud to learn that one of my abstracts had been short-listed at The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.

Over the ensuing years my reputation for creating highly tactile, multi-layered 3-D effect abstract, as well as representational, paintings has become well established and my work is now much sought after. Several prestigious art galleries continue successfully to exhibit my work and I am delighted to say that through public sales and private commissions, many of my paintings now adorn the walls of homes as far afield as New Zealand, Bermuda and some parts of Europe. Nothing gives me greater pleasure.