The Darryl Nantais Gallery

Artist's Biography

James Vinciguerra

James was born in 1973 in Leamington Spa and graduated with a BA/Hons in illustration from university in 1996.

James describes his earlier paintings as, 'cartoon realism'. His influences are El Greco, David Hockney, Picasso and John Piper.

James explains, “The way I do my pictures is something I have arrived at over many years of blood sweat and tears. It involves traditional drawing and collage techniques together with painting on a computer. My subjects include landscapes architecture, portraits and figure studies; most things then.”

Since graduating from Anglia University, Cambridge He has had many exhibitions and commissions, developing his unique style along the way.

James enjoys sitting for hours in the pouring rain and driving wind to perfect a drawing. His hobbies are socialising, reading in the bath, getting annoyed by people in the cinema and watching telly.