The Darryl Nantais Gallery

Artist's Biography

Mark Holland-Hicken

During the last 20 years I have created professional artworks in just about every conceivable medium, from gouache to oils, from pastels to airbrush. I have produced artworks for a myriad of industries. It wasn’t until the birth of my daughter that the true artist within me began to emerge.

As my style and technique have evolved I have formed a very close and strong friendship with possibly the world’s greatest photographer of the female form – Gabriele Rigon. He has become my foil for fencing ideas and our conversations produce hundreds more. I now paint, almost exclusively, the world’s most beautiful women. Painting finer and infinitely more intricate details I have found myself moving ever closer to the school of ‘photo-realism’, where the dramatic impact and scale of my earlier ‘pop art’ work is much less important to me than the beautiful presentation of the subtle – almost esoteric concepts of form, sensuality and passion.

Mark Holland-Hicken has a well-established career in product design. For the past twenty years he has been involved in designing many household name products for companies such as Mission loudspeakers, Denon, Cambridge Audio, Infinity and JBL. Anyone who has purchased hi-fi equipment over that period could quite easily possess one of Mark’s designs. He has also been involved in the advertisement, brochure and poster campaigns for these and other companies.

‘’They (Contemporary Art Fair – Edinburgh) will also show works by Mark Holland-Hicken who paints beautiful female figures as shot by his friend, leading photographer Gabriele Rigon. The fine and intricate detailing tending towards photo-realism, Hicken’s works subtly radiate sensuality and allure depending on the light and the viewer’s mood.’’
Poppy Birch – Antiques Magazine.