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Artist's Biography

Sylke Claridge

Sylke Claridge is a German Expressionist painter now living in Australia. Sylke has been painting for about twenty years and has studied in Germany, Austria and Australia. Sylke lived in Germany (Munich) and in France (Paris) before moving to England (Cambridge) in 1996 and then to Australia (Sydney) in 2004.

Painting in both acrylics on canvas and watercolour and mixed media on paper, her subjects include landscapes, cities, people and life scenes as well as uplifting flower paintings. In addition she also incorporates into her paintings the principles of Feng Shui, with her very popular ‘Guardian Angel’ series.

Sylke has exhibited her art in galleries in Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Paris, Cambridge, Harrogate, London and Sydney.

The Darryl Nantais Gallery is now Sylke’s sole distributor in the United Kingdom. We hold in stock a wide selection of her paintings and are delighted that we are able to receive her new work from Australia. A selection of her paintings can be viewed on our website. We are delighted to stage major exhibitions of her work every two years (even numbers) with Sylke attending the Private Views.