Charlotte Cornish

Over recent years, Charlotte Cornish’s work has become increasingly symbolic, exploring the relationship between colours and forms and their power to evoke emotional and psychological responses.

Charlotte was born in Cambridge in 1967, and she studied Printmaking at the University of Brighton in 1986-90. She went on to study Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, London in 1992.

Using circles and linear horizontal and vertical boundaries, Cornish creates visual parallels to relationships in life with people, experiences and feelings. Using images collected from many countries such as India, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, Cornish draws inspiration for her work from the abundance of vibrant colours and exotic atmospheres.

Colour continues to play a vital role as she explores its relative values and power in conveying both visual and emotional concerns.

Acrylic paint on canvas is Cornish’s preferred medium as it dries relatively quickly. This allows her to build up many different layers of thinly poured paint, which contrasts with directly applied gestural marks. It also allows her to remove or modify painted areas without damaging previous layers. The use of acrylic lends itself perfectly to the bold colours and shapes favoured by Cornish.

This latest release of work is silkscreen on paper. The images have a vibrancy and strength, so characteristic of her.

A large part of Charlotte’s practice is for commissions. She collaborates with numerous art consultancies and galleries and produces work for commercial and domestic environments, for example, the Rosa Morrison Scholarship, the E.S.C.C. Travel Award and most recently Aldi Stores Ltd.