The Darryl Nantais Gallery

Fine Art, Framing & Restoration

Proprietor: Karl Backhurst
59 High Street
Cambridge CB21 4HS
01223 891289
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Artist's Biography

Alcea Rosea, Pink Hollyhock


Dianthus, Carnation Oenothera biennis, Evening Primrose The Ladies are Listening, Nightingales Posh Spring Coats on Ma's Cherry Stump

Winter Leaves at Wicken Fen


Hmm, nice trill" (Wrens in Foxgloves)

"Garden of Lilies II of V (Yellow)"


"Garden of Lilies III of V (Mauve)"


"Garden of Lilies I of V (Orange)"


"Garden of Lilies V of V (Red)"


"Garden of Lilies IV of V (Yellow-Orange)" Nature’s Gems - September Slipper Orchid I of V Slipper Orchid III of V

Brown Orchid

Nature’s Gems - October

Nature’s Gems - August

Bullfinches on Ash Twigs


Cheeky Chappies

Nature’s Gems - January

Nature’s Gems - June      

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