The United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society's Annual Open International Exhibition 2006

Patsy Lindamood : Butterfly Garden 1
Size unframed: 57x39cm
Size framed: 81x64cm


Patsy Lindamood : Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Size unframed: 61x46cm
Size framed: 79x65cm


Elen McLoughlin: Forelle Pears
Size unframed: 19x27cm
Size framed: 35x42cm


Eliza Pineau: Femme Fatale
Size unframed: 21x22cm
Size framed: 40x40cm



Linda M edders-Jackson: When's my Turn?
Size unframed: 25x27cm


Bernard Poulin: Greg, Beetle-Browed (Scowling)
Size unframed: 20x25cm

Picture very generously donated as raffle prize,
to be drawn on 30th September 2006

David Richards: Garreg-Ddu Waterfall
Size unframed: 30x23cm
Size framed: 48x40cm


David Richards: Old Weir, Nant Gwilt
Size unframed: 27x24cm
Size framed: 45x43cm


David Richards: Caban Coch
Size unframed: 28x14cm
Size framed: 43x30cm


Melanie Simglehurst: Gentle Spirits
Size unframed: 25x24cm
Size framed: 39x36cm

Melanie Simglehurst: Old Jack
Size unframed: 42x30cm
Size framed: 61x49cm



Gary Theobald: Exotic Fruit
Size unframed: 35x40cm
Size framed: 45x50cm

Gary Theobald: Home Time, Saltaire
Size unframed: 20x28cm
Size framed: 37x45cm


Martin Vela: Primary Palate
Size unframed: 73x32cm




Martin Vela: Apples and Wine Reflected
Size unframed: 75x52cm


Martin Vela: Some Red and Greens Not Labelled
Size unframed: 51x35cm

Kay Wallbanks: Autumn Gold
Size unframed: 11x11cm
Size framed: 38x43cm


Judith Waugh: Cinders
Size unframed: 33x43cm
Size framed: 43x53cm


Judith Waugh: Inca
Size unframed: 35x38cm
Size framed: 45x48cm

Peter Weatherill: Porlock Weir
Size unframed: 33x20cm
Size framed: 52x42cm


Peter Weatherill: Window shopping
Size unframed: 20x19cm
Size framed: 41x33cm


Louise Welsh: "You Know What Brian? The Grass is definitely Greener Over there!"
Size unframed: 40x20cm
Size framed: 50x30cm

Peter Woof: Kew Waterlilies 1
Size unframed: 53x29cm
Size framed: 97x64cm

Peter Woof : Kew Waterlilies 3
Size unframed: 37x35cm
Size framed: 64x62cm


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