The United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society's Annual Open International Exhibition 2006

Lesley Galton: On the Prowl
Size unframed: 41x60cm
Size framed: 66x87cm


Lesley Galton: Out on a Limb
Size unframed: 61x47cm
Size framed: 85x72cm



Jo Goudie: The Andalusian
Size unframed: 23x23cm
Size framed: 40x40cm

Daniel Hanequand: Artist's Mate
Size unframed: 43x36cm
Size framed: 51x41cm


Pat Heffer: Lacock High Street"
Size unframed: 39x15cm


Judith Heilbronn-Crown: Anenome Centre
Size unframed: 36x28cm
Size framed: 50x43cm

Judith Heilbronn-Crown: Poppy People
Size unframed: 30x21cm
Size framed: 44x35cm

Shirley Henderson: Groins on Findhorn
Size unframed: 43x28cm
Size framed: 58x42cm


 Judith Heilbronn-Crown: Lily's Cup and Saucer
Size unframed: 15x19cm
Size framed:29x34cm

Suzy Herbert: …wait for it
Size unframed: 18x48cm
Size framed: 48x78cm


Barbara Holder: The Finishing Post, (Cowe's Week)
Size unframed:29x39cm
Size framed:43x53cm


Carole Keen: Jazz
Size unframed:39x49cm
Size framed:44x54cm


Shirley Leslie: George's Lucky Stones-Aldeburgh
Size unframed: 25x25cm
Size framed: 29x29cm

Shirley Leslie: Pebbles-Aldeburgh
Size unframed: 29x37cm
Size framed: 48x55cm


Beverley Lewis: Evening Solitude
Size unframed: 44x30cm
Size framed: 54x40cm

Beverley Lewis: Swan song
Size unframed: 40x18cm
Size framed: 50x28cm


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