The United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society's Annual Open International Exhibition 2006
2nd to 30th September 2006
There will be on show, a collection of Fine Coloured Pencil work, selected by a panel of three judges,
submitted by artists from the United Kingdom & Overseas

Winners Lists

Swan Song: Beverley Lewis

The Gallery is open TUESDAY to FRIDAY 10am to 3pm and SATURDAY 12 noon to 4 pm

Caroline Ali: Wynken, Blynken and Nod
Size unframed: 36x26cm
Size framed: 52x42cm


Andrew Bale: Washed Out
Size unframed: 15x12cm
Size framed: 21x24cm


Alexandra Bastien: It's a Beautiful Day
Size unframed: 29x45cm
Size framed: 39x55cm


Alexandra Bastien: Rebirth
Size unframed: 39x48cm
Size framed: 49x58cm

Robin Borrett: Stone Summerhouse
Size unframed: 29x23cm
Size framed: 37x31cm


Robin Borrett: The Otter
Size unframed: 33x23cm
Size framed: 41x31cm


Robin Borrett: Hawton Church Window

Size unframed: 21x29cm
Size framed: 29x37cm

Carol Bramley : Branching Out
Size unframed: 17x12cm


Canter Jean: Autumn Beeches, Dorking
Size unframed: 28x18cm
Size framed: 44x36cm


Budd Tiffany: Tea at Grandma's
Size unframed: 22x32cm
Size framed: 36x48cm

Jean Canter : Donkey Beach, Talland Bay, Cornwall
Size unframed: 31x22cm
Size framed: 46x39cm


Angela Cater : One Great Leap
Size unframed: 30x42cm
Size framed: 40x50cm


Angela Cater: First Day Nerves
Size unframed: 30x42cm
Size framed: 40x50cm



Richard Childs: Reflections of Venice
Size unframed: 25x20cm
Size framed: 36x30cm


Lesley Crawford: Flotsam and Jetsam
Size unframed: 25x30cm
Size framed: 30x40cm

Lesley Crawford : Lewisia
Size unframed: 22x19cm
Size framed: 25x30cm

Bob Ebdon : King of Coniston
  (Copyright Derwent)
Size unframed: 20x28cm
Size framed: 40x48cm


Bob Ebdon: Mandala
Size unframed: 35x30cm (hex)
Size framed: 54x46cm

Bob Ebdon: Primarily colours
  (Copyright Derwent)
Size unframed: 23x21cm
Ssize framed: 45x42cm



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