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Brendan Neiland

Artist's Biography

Brendan Neiland is one of Britain’s foremost and contemporary painters and printmakers, represented in major museums and galleries worldwide including The Tate Gallery, the Arts Council of Great Britain and The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

His subject is the cityscape, an environment Brendan feels is rich in potential and yet often neglected. Brendan sites the work of Ferdinand Leger, the first artist to use the awkward contemporary environment, as a key to his inspiration. Brendan’s paintings are both figurative and abstract in their structure, reflection of light and modulatation of colour.

Technique is fundamental to Brendan’s work, which ensures a fusion of method and imagery. His research leads to a series of drawings that formulate and define the imagery. These drawings then become the templates or masks through which the paintings are sprayed. In this way Brendan can build layers of glazing, an uninterrupted surface save for changes in hue, tone and structure.

During his extensive travels around Europe, Brendan has studied closely the interiors of Vermeer in Amsterdam, the extravagance of Gaudi in Barcelona and the black intensity of Goya in Madrid. These influences, together with a pre-occupation for the industrial aspects of Britain, have helped Brendan to encourage people, through his work, to appraise their environments and feel a greater sense of involvement in them.